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Source: Purchased copy

Publication: e-book 1st October 2018 from HQ Digital and paperback from 13 Dec 2018

Pp: 384

ISBN-13: 978-0008322991


Will they ever learn the truth?

Three people, leading very different lives, are about to be brought together – with devastating consequences . . .

John has a perfect life, until the day his daughter goes missing.

Maisie cares for her patients, but hides her own traumatic past.

Miller should be an innocent child, but is obsessed with something he can’t have.

They all have something in common, though none of them know it – and the truth won’t stay hidden for long . .


Lies Between Us is a book that sets out to give the reader a serious brain workout. Snappily written in short chapters which are very readable, this novel follows the lives of three main narrators. This is very much a character driven novel and for the reader it is important to take note of the date stamps at the top of chapters, because this book takes us not just on a character journey, but also backwards and forward in time.

Three central characters, three different time periods, but we don’t know which if any we can rely on. In a tightly woven plot that twists and turns the threads until we are knotted up trying to unpick the puzzle, Ronnie Turner has created a maze for the mind where just as you think you see the door another turn leads to a dead end.

Lies Between Us is a story of malevolent, obsessive love in which the sheer psychopathy of one of the characters is both chilling and very, very creepy.

John and Jules Graham are living a wonderfully happy life when their daughter Bonnie is taken in November 2015. Only six years old and the light of their lives, there are no obvious clues as to what has happened to her and the police are at a loss to know where to turn next for evidence.  As John and Jules slowly unravel, it becomes clear that they are being targeted by someone who wants nothing more than to cause them the most intense grief and pain. Jules is expecting a second child, but there’s no joy when that child, too could be under threat.

Who would be so cruel as to inflict torture on a child just to see their parents suffer? This person is surely the personification of evil.

Maisie is a nurse in the Intensive Care Wing of a hospital in January 2016. She is a dedicated ICU nurse and one of her patients is Tim, attacked and left for dead on the streets, he is now in a coma. Tim’s wife, Heidi, is expecting a child and as they spend time together in Tim’s ICU room, Heidi and Maisie become friendly. As Maisie nurses Tim and looks after his care she learns a lot about his family from Heidi and as she does so, she begins to harbour concerns about what is going on in this family’s dynamics. Maisie lives with Ben and though they love each other, there are secrets between them that could lead to serious difficulties in their relationship. But how are Maisie, Tim and Ben connected to Jules and John?

By far the most chilling character is Miller, a young boy growing up in the 1990’s. Cold, calculating, psychopathic, this is a child without compassion, so callous that he reminded me of Damien in The Omen. Miller’s voice is terrifying and his character is both utterly gripping and horribly compelling. His actions draw the reader inexorably into a web of cruelty and deceit as we see how his warped sense of love impacts on those around him.

Ronnie Turner has created well fleshed out, believable characters with seemingly unconnected backgrounds, but as you go through the book, small crumbs of clues are scattered which make you think you might know what’s coming, though I never did completely work it out.

I admit I had to go back to a chapter a couple of times to make sure I was following what was going on. This is a complex plot that sets out to deceive and succeeds in spades. As Turner ties the threads together and we finally see how these characters are connected, the final revelation is jaw dropping.

For a debut novel, it is surprisingly complex, but  well written and really shocking.

Verdict: A twisted story of love, lies and obsession that will keep you guessing.


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About Ronnie Turner


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Ronnie Turner grew up in Cornwall, the youngest in a large family. At an early age, she discovered a love of literature and dreamed of being a published author. Ronnie now lives in Dorset with her family and three dogs. In her spare time, she reviews books on her blog and enjoys long walks on the coast. She is currently working on her second novel.


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Twitter: @Ronnie_ _Turner

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